Thursday, April 22, 2021


Who Am I?

My real name is Ian and I have been living as an expat and working from my computer (a “digital nomad”) since March 2016. In my previous lives I was a JD/MBA student in Santa Clara, California and worked at a hydroponic microfarm startup company in Santa Cruz, California.

I moved to Costa Rica to build an eco-village with a friend of a friend, volunteered at Envision festival to learn how to build bamboo structures, and then fell in love with the charming little surf-becoming-yogi town Dominical and decided to try freelancing my web development and graphic design skills so that I could stay there longer (take a look at my Upwork portfolio and contact me if you need work!). I ended up buying a ’79 Land Cruiser and toured a large part of the country with it, ending up in twin cabins with my best friend from college in Playa Santa Teresa.

I am currently living in Ubud, Indonesia and love it here.

Where did I get the name “Iantrepid?

“James Bond is a highly romanticized version of a true spy. The real thing is … William Stephenson.”
– Ian Fleming (Author of James Bond)

There is an infamous autobiography about a WW2 spy, Sir William Stephenson, called “A Man Called Intrepid.” His codename was “Intrepid.”

I still haven’t actually read it, but it is on my list! I like to make puns with my name “Ian.”